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Executive Virtual Assistant services for the high-end, high-pressured environments.
Our team of executive Virtual Assistants will help you with a myriad of tasks, freeing up your time, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

We use South African Virtual Assistants exclusively, believing in our commitment, high-level of work output, highly skilled and hardworking native English speaking VA’s.

Success is more than just professional,
personal time is possible.

The secret to success is managing time, that’s what VA-Helpdesk helps you with. Having a VA-Helpdesk VA in your arsenal, not only at work, but also in personal life, will give you the time to focus on the bigger picture while we take care of the small but important stuff. We can do your flight and travel bookings, schedule and confirm meetings, and everything your very own executive personal assistant will do.

All our clients get their very own dedicated VA (Virtual Assistant), who is equipped with great tools and tech to allow for seamless communication and task management. You send it, we do it.

Flights? Booked. Flowers? Arranged. Dinner? All taken care of.

Ready to destroy your
to-do list?

Your own trusted right hand person ready for your every need, personal or professional.

With a VA-Helpdesk Virtual Assistant your to do list will be taken care of at a fraction of the price of a full time executive assistant.

Focus on the things that drive your company forward.

Give us your to-do list and
get on with your love-to-do list.

With your VA handling all your small but important stuff, you can really focus on what’s most important, personally and professionally.

Have your VA set up meetings, manage your busy schedule and streamline all the millions of emails that pours into your inbox. Your Virtual Assistant can help remind you of that important call, deal with the follow-ups and replies, track your expenses and plan your wedding anniversary getaway.

What can VA-helpdesk.com help me with?

Our Virtual Assistants can help save time by assisting with a myriad of tasks, here are a few examples of regularly outsourced tasks.

Let your VA do Research!

Your Virtual Assistant can help you do research, they are great on finding information on the internet.
This is a great way to save loads of hours.

- Research your competitors
- Find a product or service
- Investigate a specific topic
- Track down people you can contact
- Research potential customers
- Find facts and figures
- Locate contact information

Outsource your admin tasks.

Our VA's are really great when it comes to admin. They are highly organised and amazing when it comes to sticking to deadlines. Here are a few admin tasks you can send their way.

- Destroy your to-do list
- Transcribing audio or video
- Handle incoming client contact
- Manage your schedule
- Source buy products and services
- Data entry
- Book accommodation travel

Social Media is ideal to handover to your VA.

The key to social media success is consistency. When you hand over this task to your VA, researching subject or interesting content to share, scheduling and growing your following all at the same time.

- Manage your social footprint
- Research and Schedule posts
- Increase your followers
- Manage social responses
- Connect with targeted prospects
- Setup and manage campaigns
- Get analytics and reports weekly / monthly

Having a managed email inbox is awesome.

When your VA assists with managing your inbox, all kinds of weird and wonderful things happen. They create rules and responses and all you experience is an empty and managed inbox and peace of mind.

- Be informed of only the important and urgent messages
- Create mailbox filters and rules to organise incoming emails
- Answer non-essential emails professionally and in a predetermined fashion
- Organise your contacts with detailed profiles
- Manage mass emails and newsletters
- Cleanup and backup of inbox, spam and junk folders
- Manage and Respond to website enquiries

Why be bogged down with aligning schedules?

Your Virtual Assistant will align and arrange your schedule and your life if you allow it to happen. They are masters when it comes to time management and schedules.

- Important Dates: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Client Achievements, etc.
- Schedule and Confirm business meetings
- Correspond on your behalf for weekly and monthly meetings
- Schedule Appointments for: Dentist, Doctor, Teachers, Car, etc.
- Notify meeting attendees if you might be late
- Clear your schedule in case of emergencies

Pre-arranged, pre-booked travel comfort.

Your VA will find and book the best travel deals as and when required. They have a huge network of reliable suppliers, they know great suppliers = happy clients.

- Negotiate best travel deals local or abroad
- Manage and arrange travel documents
- Manage travel arrangements
- Research options for daily / weekly itinerary
- Move fights and hotel bookings
- Arrange airport shuttle services
- Arrange car rentals and have it ready for your arrival

Buy your time back, success starts at home.

Never miss an anniversary or your mother's birthday again! Your VA-Helpdesk.com VA will always be there for you ensuring you are always ready and on time!

- Make dinner reservations
- Schedule dentist, doctor and haircut appointments
- Plan a date night with your significant other
- Find and send gifts for special occasions
- Purchase tickets to events
- Coordinate dinner parties and play dates
- Arrange house / yard cleaners in your area

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